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Donations go toward rescuing and caring for our reptiles and amphibians, and allowing us to educate school children, scout groups, and many other visitors about animals, conservation, and pet care.

With the change of the season quickly approaching, it becomes time for us at the zoo to batten down our hatches in preparation for the greatly feared "winter lull." Even though we are a FABULOUS destination for those looking to escape the winter drab, we still suffer from the respite and could use your help to ensure we can keep our doors open and everyone in residence safe and warm. With that, comes our WINTER IS COMING pledge drive, including several ways to give that may fit your budget and lifestyle.

In order to get through the winter, we need your assistance. One way is to pledge $20 a month from October - March to help us keep our doors open. We cannot do this without you and unfortunately our timeline is critical. $120 from each of our supporters will ensure that we can keep food in their stomachs and heat lamps plugged in!

In order to set up reoccurring payments, below select "Other" as your donation amount. This will take to you a PayPal check with an option to make reoccurring payments.

Another way is to contribute directly to our remodelling of Monitor Isle. Winston, Hoku, Akili, Boosa, Gordo, Ariana and Foster would really appreciate some updating to their habitats. Solair's refurbishment went fantastically and we very much desire to plan a renovation for his buddies- but we need some help. Our monetary goal is set for $2,000 in order to commence with transformation, but any little bit helps. With your support, we can provide our feisty and full of life Monitors with an engaging, warm and safe place to live.

We also have a wish list if you'd like to contribute with construction materials directly. You would be able to see materials you have purchased put to use invariably in Monitor Isle.

Feel free to e-mail Donations@glzszoo.org for details on the wish list. Also, if you have any questions about donations or helping the Conservation Center.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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